2851 S Ocean Blvd., Suite 5L
Boca Raton, FL 33432, USA
Phone: (561) 208-5550
FAX: (877) 840-1047

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I obtain prices for a product from CoreTex Systems?
A: Prices heavily depend on factors such as your particular interface, target platform, and level of customization needed. We like to establish a personal contact with potential customers and together determine the effort needed to successfuly integrate our product into their solution. Please note that our customers and potential customers enjoy full confidentiality of any information we have regarding them.

Q: Can I contact CoreTex from a public email account such as hotmail or yahoo?
A: Certainly. However, please note that due to the sensitive nature of our business, we are prohibited from dealing with certain companies, thus we need to have elementary information about their location. To get additonal information regarding any of our products and services please contact us with your official email address that has your company's domain.

Q: What kind of licensing does CoreTex offer?
A: For all products CoreTex offers two kinds of licensing: (1) project license, and (2) site license. Project license allows the client to use the purchased product for a single product or solution, while site license allows which allows the clients the use of the code in any subsequent products designed at a single site.

Q: Can I talk to a representatvive regarding my specific needs?
A: Please send us an e-mail indicating that you would like to receive a call from a representative. Help us out by providing as much information as possible regarding your requirements.

Q: I need an IP core not listed on your website. Can CoreTex help out?
A: Send us your requirements and we will provide you with a core development project proposal.

Q: I need a different interface to your IP core. What will this feature cost me?
A: If you need support for a widely used interface that would be of value to our other customers, CoreTex will provide this feature for no additional cost.

Q: How do you test your products?
A: All our reference C codes and IP cores have been tested using the vectors provided as parts of relevant standards. In addition, our reference codes are used to generate a large set of random test vectors that are used to further verify the functionalty of IP cores. The IP cores are verified in both simulators and hardware.

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